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ALLWIPES (Jainam Invamed Pvt Ltd.) Manufactures Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes/ Alcohol moist wipes to removes germs, grime, viruses & micro organism & shield you from coronavirus.
We Have effectively Experienced R&D Team To Formulate the Best Cleaning wipes Products.
We Do Third Party, Contract Manufacturing.
Many Big manufacturers are being Manufactured at ALLWIPES (Jainam Invamed Pvt Ltd.)
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Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes / Alcohol Wet Wipes:
-It comprises 69% of alcohol which offers you Bacteria, germs, & Virus-free Cleaning.
-It is the most effective sanitizing wipes on your object & palms.
-Enriched with Aloe-Vera extract & Vitamin-E.
-Each wipe offers you a refreshing Lime fragrance when in use.
-Size of every wipes 15cm*20cm.
-Net Qty: 60 pcs.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes – Application:
To disinfecting/Cleaning Hands, Mobile, Door handles, Floor/floor, Glasses.

Ingredients: Aqua, Isopropyl Alcohol (69%), Glycerin, Aloe Vera extract, agiphen, Vitamin-E, Perfume.

Everyday Things are Getting Crucial and Worse
Due to #Corona 😷
Stay Home Stay Safe and take or your self and your family members.
Best Solution to Protect you From CoronaVirus. – IPA Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes
This multipurpose IPA wipe offers you ease of thoughts in terms of Cleaning off your palms, door handles, cellular, glasses, kitchen home equipment, laptop computer & far more.

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