How to Make Disinfectant Wipes at Home!

In this video we present you the way to make alcohol based mostly disnefectant wipes.

You Will Need:

90% Isopropyl Alcohol

Paper towels/ towelettes

Large bowl

Measuring cup


Essential oil


Begin by placing on gloves, alcohol is a drying agent, so its finest to protecct your pores and skin.

Place 2 cups of alcohol into a big bowl
Put 1 cup of water into a big bowl

Depending on what number of wipes you plan on creating hold the alcohol and water ratio 2:1

Wisk them the liquids collectively, and add important oil if you want. The important oil helps masks the tough alcohol odor.

Place your paper towels/ towelletes into the liquid and allow them to saturate for five minutes.

When youre finished, put them again in an air tight container and get Cleaning!

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