Cleaning DEPRESSION HOME for free! 🥺❤️

Hi, I´m Aurikatariina and I do Cleaning videos. Today I present you the way I cleaned my follower´s house for free! This younger lady requested my assist as a result of she has melancholy and different psychological sicknesses. I helped her and cleaned her house for free. Home makeover with satisfying outcomes! Cleaning ideas and Cleaning hacks. Kitchen Cleaning, oven Cleaning, range Cleaning, fridge Cleaning, rest room and bathroom Cleaning transformations.

💗Scrub daddy

💗Scrub mommy

💗Alternative “Steel Daddy”

💗Power Paste

💗Oven cleaner


💗Floor Squeegee

💗Microfibre cloths

💗Nord Clean:

💗 List of merchandise and instruments:
💗 TikTok and Instagram:

Video abstract:
01:00 Kitchen Cleaning
03:10 Sink
03:58 Bathroom
07:27 Stove
08:00 Organizing
08:33 Oven
09:03 Trash can
09:32 Fridge
10:09 Livingroom
11:02 Before and after

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